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Justice League: Ben Affleck & Jared Leto Didn’t Film Together As Batman & Joker

Justice League: Ben Affleck & Jared Leto Didn’t Film Together As Batman & Joker

Deborah Snyder, producer of Zack Snyder’s Justice League, recently revealed that stars Ben Affleck and Jared Leto did not film their scenes together as Batman and Joker. The upcoming film, which is the director’s cut of the 2017 Justice League, boasts a four-hour runtime and reportedly offers greater insight into the core characters of the titular superhero group. Snyder’s cut represents an artistic redo of the original Justice League, which was plagued by production issues and debuted to mixed reviews, ultimately failing to gross the expected returns at the box office.

During initial production of Justice League in 2016, the script purportedly underwent multiple alterations. Following the shoot, Snyder eventually stepped down from the project after a family tragedy. When Joss Whedon took over as his replacement, he overhauled much of the script and supervised reshoots that incorporated a lighter narrative tone, as well as cut down the lengthy runtime. After Justice League premiered to negative press, fans, cast, and crew petitioned for the release of a version that more aligned with Snyder’s original cinematic vision. In 2020, Warner Bros. affirmed the decision and financed the re-cut of Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

While speaking with CINEMA-Magazin, producer Deborah Snyder shared the difficulties in shooting a film amid COVID, noting that Affleck and Leto were unable to physically film their scene in the same location. In the interview, she explained the overall process of production:

“What was hard was, we only shot for three days. We shot the Batman-Joker scene, and then we did a couple of pickups. But literally, no one was together. It was hard from a scheduling point of view, and it was also hard to plan it because everyone is just starting to come back to shooting after COVID. But we were still figuring out what the restrictions were, and how to do it safely.”

While challenging to film, Zack Snyder’s Justice League remains highly anticipated by fans of the DCEU. Although the story follows the same basic outline as the prior cut, it also promises to weave in a deeper sense of world-building, populating the DC universe with new characters and intricate backstories. In interviews, Snyder has maintained that his film does not use the continuity of Whedon’s Justice League, but instead follows a modified timeline. During the press tour for Wonder Woman 1984, director Patty Jenkins said that she believes all DC directors have ignored Whedon’s interpretation of the iconic Justice League, instead choosing to consider Snyder’s story as canon.

Considering the long, convoluted journey that Zack Snyder’s Justice League has traversed, it will certainly be intriguing to witness how audiences respond to his carefully-crafted magnum opus. For viewers disappointed by the hasty construction of the 2017 Justice League, this updated rendering at least appears to harbor greater narrative foresight and respect for the beloved characters of the DCEU. As Snyder has noted, he hopes that his new film will soon erase Whedon’s Frankenstein version. With any luck, Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg will finally get the chance to do their story justice.

Ben Affleck Has Written His Own Batman Script

Ben Affleck Has Written His Own Batman Script
Speaking to William Morris Endeavor co-CEO Patrick Whitesell, whose agency represents Ben, THR learned that Ben has already written a script for the untitled Batman reboot that he is also set to direct (and well.. star). Ben is reportedly co-writing the solo Batman movie with Geoff Johns, DC Comics’ Chief Creative Officer.

Batman’s greatest strength is that he’s always one step ahead, and it looks like the latest actor to play him has taken that lesson to heart.

In a Hollywood Reporter interview with WME-IMG’s co-CEOs Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell, Whitesell reveals how many movies Affleck has currently signed up for when it comes to DC’s Caped Crusader.

“He’s contracted to do at least Justice League One and Two, so at least three times wearing the cape. There’s a script that he’s written that is a really cool [Batman] idea, so that’s out there as an option.”

Affleck was first linked to a standalone Batman movie as star, director, and co-writer (with Geoff Johns) last summer, and Whitesell’s remarks indicate the project has progressed since then. Affleck recently told Entertainment Weekly the movie is “in development” but said he’s currently focused on finishing his adaptation of the Dennis Lehane thriller Live By Night.

“I tend to be a one-movie-at-a-time guy. So, when I’m finished with this movie, I’ll then focus on my next movie and figure out what that will be.”

In addition to the movies Whitesell mentioned, Affleck’s Batman will also make a cameo appearance in August’s Suicide Squad, which includes a number of the hero’s comic book villains as lead characters (His rumored presence was confirmed in footage from the movie released during Comic-Con last year).

Entertainment Weekly “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” cast photoshoot

Entertainment Weekly “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” cast photoshoot

We have added a photoshoot and scans from Entertainment Weekly’s “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” feature spread. Ben posed with his co-stars, Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, Amy Adams, Holly Hunter, Jesse Eisenberg, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne and director, Zack Snyder.

“Sometimes you can box yourself in [with too many characters],” says director Zack Snyder. “But what’s the upside of that? What’s the positive? How do you make that challenge be the thing that makes it cooler than [any hero] could have been on his own.”

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Ben Affleck explains how ‘Batman v Superman’ reflects current politics

Ben Affleck explains how ‘Batman v Superman’ reflects current politics

What happens when one person has just too much power and there is no one checking that power?

That’s a question you might expect to associate with this year’s presidential election, but it’s the central theme of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, the superhero smackdown opening in theaters on Friday.

It’s hard when watching the movie, which has a major political storyline involving senate hearings questioning Superman’s actions and a senator played by Holly Hunter, not to think about the current political landscape and the 2016 presidential election. And audience members aren’t the only ones with the political in mind.

“One of the things that I say in this movie is, ‘Absolute power corrupts absolutely,'” Hunter told USA TODAY on the red carpet for the film’s NYC premiere. “Thomas Jefferson was talking about. We’re talking about that today, very much so. It’s serendipitous that it happens to be so acute right now in current events, but there you have it.”

Ben Affleck, who is making his big debut as Bruce Wayne/Batman in the movie, doesn’t see it quite that simply.

“I don’t see this movie as overtly political. I think that would be a mistake. I don’t think you want to get pedantic with a movie like this. I think that’s dangerous.”

But he did note that while it’s a not a “political movie,” it does bring up very thought-provoking political themes.

“(The screenwriters) had many conversations about politics and the nature of politics in movies,” he said. “This is a movie that has a substance to it … and is provocative. I don’t think it’s strident, I don’t think it’s preachy, but I think it does raise the question of, ‘What happens to us when we become afraid of one another?’ which is a very current theme. It doesn’t mean to lecture at you or to hector you, but I do think that it’s a ballsy movie and evocative, and a movie that isn’t just about two cartoon characters slugging it out.”

Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill talk fight scenes, the ‘M’ word and lubing up

Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill talk fight scenes, the ‘M’ word and lubing up

At last they meet. Not Batman and Superman, but Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck on the pages of ShortList. Andrew Dickens sits them down for a chat.

Actors, they say, always seem to be smaller than you think in real life. It’s usually true. Unless, of course, you’re more of a theatre-goer, where they tend to be exactly the same size.

Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck are exceptions to the rule. They are a big pair of lads. Cavill, you expect, would be an ounce of will and a tin of fake tan from winning Mr Universe; Affleck – taller, but still solid – looks every inch the retired NFL quarter-back.

A bit of physical presence is a start, of course, when you’re playing the world’s two most iconic superheroes. Batman vs Superman: The Dawn of Justice sees Cavill’s Man of Steel confronted by Affleck’s a none-too-impressed Dark Knight. An unforgettable clash of titans, you’d think, wouldn’t you? Think again.

[nifty_toggle title=”What was it like shooting your first day together?” start=”open”]HC: I’ve been asked this, I don’t remember. Were we Clark and Bruce?
BA: Obviously it was really meaningful to both of us [laughs]! We passed a lot, we didn’t work together all that much.
HC: There’s a lot of build up towards the conflict but we’re not sort of hanging out. That’s next [laughs].
BA: It was just you and my stuntman in a metal suit [laughs].
HC: Ok. I’m going go with this answer: absolute amazing
BA: It’s seared into my memory. He was more masculine even than he appears in photographs [laughs].
HC: In all honesty, it must have been pretty cool. You’re focusing on the task at hand. If you step outside it, you look at it and go, “Wow! It’s Batman and Superman standing right next to each other!” but we don’t see it like that. It’s Henry and Ben about to do a job.
BA: It’s all so deconstructed, particularly the fighting. It’s all done bit by bit. Broken down into moment by moment. So you never get a sense of how cool, flashy and sexy it all is when it’s all put together with the visual effects and everything else. It’s inevitably some ignominious moment when you’re half-dressed and you’re wet, getting hoisted by wires. It’s never really as cool as it looks.[/nifty_toggle]
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“Live by Night” Gets 2017 Release Date

“Live by Night” Gets 2017 Release Date

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Warner Bros. has dated a quartet of films including Ben’s Live by Night. That film, which Ben directed and adapted from a Dennis Lehane best-seller, will bow Oct. 20, 2017 (Ben also stars). There are currently no films in that slot, though Universal will open the Michael Fassbender starrer The Snowman — another gritty adult-skewing drama based on a best-seller — the week before.

Ben Affleck’s ‘Broken’ Batman

Ben Affleck’s ‘Broken’ Batman
Ben recently did an interview with The New York Times. You can read the full interview below and check out a new photo of Ben from the interview in our gallery.

“He’s living in this gray zone,” Mr. Affleck said of his Batman. “He’s more broken, not slick. He’s filling the hole in his soul with these increasingly morally questionable nighttime excursions — fighting crime as well as by being this playboy.” With a chuckle, he added: “You wonder, is this healthy?”

On the morning of the Academy Awards, Ben Affleck was at my hotel door. He entered with neither the swagger of Bruce Wayne nor the bravado of Batman, just with a quiet apology for postponing this conversation, planned for the day before, when he said he’d come down with a migraine.

“It would have been a delirious interview,” he said through a hangdog smile. “I don’t know that it would have been good for either one of us.”

This is a feverish, perplexing time for Mr. Affleck, 43, as strange as seeing him stuff his brawny, 6-foot-4-inch frame into a cramped room, flop into a chair and stretch his legs across my bed.

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