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Carrie Coon on Being Ben Affleck’s Chin Twin in Gone Girl

August 4th, 2014

Carrie Coon sat down with Jennifer Vineyard of Vulture and talked about her moments on the set with Ben.  Here is the excerpt: 

So let’s go back to throwing candy in Ben Affleck’s mouth for a moment.
Oh! That’s when we’re getting ready with [Tyler Perry’s character] Tanner. It might have been Gummi Bears, actually. I think we were throwing Gummi Bears. Tanner’s pelting him with stuff, so it’s pretty funny. And Tyler Perry, sometimes, when he would be doing his lines, Ben and I would forget to speak because we were just listening to him. Even if they were just very procedural, fact-based lines, we would get so involved in his voice that we would forget to speak. [Laughs.] And Tyler would blast gospel tunes on set, get everyone singing. And one time, I think it was actually a Bette Midler song, like “Wind Beneath My Wings” or something. And I was the perfect size for him to put his elbow on my head as a rest. Both Tyler and Ben are so tall, I felt very tiny on set. They were joking that they were going to do a buddy-cop picture, and then their heads would look like normal-size heads, because their heads are so big! They’re great guys, but [have] totally giant heads. [Laughs.

Did you and Ben do anything to try to look alike slightly? You’re not identical twins, obviously …
[Laughs.] There was a moment when they were doing our hair and makeup tests and my makeup artist discovered that I have a tiny, tiny cleft in my chin, and so they tried to highlight it, to make it show up, shadow it a bit, since Ben’s got that chin, right? And I’ve got a bit of a chin, a bit of a Ben Affleck chin. [Laughs.] So they put the highlight in there, and then they looked at it and they realized it was off-center, and heaven forbid you have an off-center chin cleft in Hollywood, so we took that away. But having a strong chin probably helped me get the job. [Laughs.] When you see the movie, you tell me if you think Ben Affleck and I look alike — do a little side-by-side comparison split-screen!

Ben on the Set of Batman v. Superman

August 4th, 2014

Ben Affleck was on the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice today (August 4) in Detroit, Michigan. One fan was able to capture some images of the actor dressed up as Bruce Wayne, along with one important detail that points to a significantly older Dark Knight than we are used to seeing in the movies.

Samuel Otten was able to capture the following images of Affleck dressed in business attire and talking with director Zack Snyder. He also shared the following shakey-cam video from the set, where he described a scene of children holding hands and exiting the building that serves as the front for Wayne Enterprises. Presumably, they were being rescued, escorted out as part of whatever massive fight involving Batman or Superman partially destroyed the building

If you look closely at the Affleck’s hairline at his temples, you can see distinct gray coloring. This coincides with the overall theme of Batman v Superman borrowing elements from Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns comic book saga. A 55-year-old Batman battled with a still youthful Superman on the streets of Gotham after coming out of retirement in the legendary series.

[Images/Video via Samuel Otten]

batman-v-superman-affleck-set-photo-670 BuOgU88CAAE8Fip

On the Set of Batman v. Superman

August 1st, 2014



Here’s a look at some of the props on the set of Batman v. Superman. 

Project Greenlight: Directing and On The Set

August 1st, 2014

Project Greenlight: Don’t Need to Add Anything (HBO)

July 29th, 2014

Videos: Ben & Matt for Project Greenlight

July 26th, 2014

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